Crestone itself is a very small town. Most of what people call “Crestone” is the Baca Grande Subdivision, which lies just to the South of the town of Crestone. All together, there are roughly two thousand people living in Crestone and the Baca Grande, but it’s growing every year.

The wikipedia page on Crestone is very helpful in understanding the history of this subdivision in the middle of nowhere.

We have our very own excellent weather center run by a local.

And our very own town newspaper, The Crestone Eagle, which is the best spot to look for local goings-on. 


  • Cell service is iffy here, but Verizon is probably your best bet.
  • For internet you have a few options: SLV REC, the electric company also provides internet, as does Consolidated Communications
  • If you actually want a land line, CC will handle that as well.
  • For trash service, there are two major companies that service the are. Waste Management is a national company, and Conley Waste Management is a local operation out of Saguache. Both provide excellent reliable service.
  • There are NO recycling services in this county. I pack mine up and bring it to Salida or Alamosa once every few weeks, where there are free public recycling centers.
  • We do however have our own emergency services. If you call 911 in Crestone, the Baca Grande fire department or ambulance will come help you.

Health Care:

Although Crestone abounds will alternative healers, there is no easy centralized system for finding them. Word of mouth is your best bet there. And Western medical care is even harder to come by. But there are a few things that are good to know.

  • Salida seems to be the land of plenty dentists.
  • Alamosa seems to be the land of some doctors.
  • The Moffat Clinic operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays only, and offers limited services, but is great for required school sports physicals.
  • If you are on the state medical plan, you will probably have to drive to Colorado Springs, Pueblo or Denver to get care that is covered under that plan.

For more of a narrative on what it’s like to actually live and survive here, see my blog post: How To Live in Crestone

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